Books away- Test time

In my elementary school days I have experienced the Tyler Rationale. I believe that in my early school days the curriculum was based on the type of school I was in, the subject’s teachers needed to cover with their students, and what was important in the curriculum being asked of the teachers. I experienced his four basic principles because I felt in my elementary school days we were always tested on everything and that no matter what there had to be an outcome with the information or events we were learning. I don’t agree with what. I know that to some existent there has to still be tests, but I was never strong in test writing. I am more of hands on learner. Even to this day when writing tests my anxiety is through the roof.  I remember having to write CAT scans, and in high school trying to learn how to study because none of your teachers ever went over study tips and now we were expected to memorize everything we learn that semester. With that being said, some of the limitations with the Tyler rationale would be that there are always tests, and a way to determine what the children are learning and how well they are progressing, that children who do not succeed with test writing have no chance. We need to keep in mind that not all our students will be on the same learning and skill level and that doesn’t mean anything bad. Some potential benefits of the Tyler Rationale are that we can use his four basic principles as an outline of what we as teachers can ask ourselves about curriculum and how are students are comprehending the materials and strategies we are using.

The Tyler Rationale limits the abilities that our students have outside of test writing. It isn’t focused on the different types of learners we have, or the different skill levels all our students will be at.


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