Open Thoughts

Wow! A blog about our own thoughts through out this course!
At first, I had 1 million thoughts go through my head on what to write about and how i was going to say it, what topics really stood out to me, and of course what I am going to take away from this course. Truthfully, every lecture has brought a new light into my eyes and has made me see things in a different perspective.

The one thing that really stood out to me is Claire’s Presentation. It was so personal, and realistic that we as students could still relate and understand the problems she has and is still facing. Treaty Education is a big topic for me to just say that’s what stood out for me. I felt like after Claire came to speak to us that a light flicked on in my head. We assume that the students who drop out of school are from families/parents that don’t care- with Claire that was not the case with her and her daughter. Claire is now taking every step she can to educate her staff and other staff around Saskatchewan to inform their classes on Treaty Ed.

As an upcoming teacher I now know the importance of Treaty Ed. I also am now aware that making mistakes is normal and cannot stop us from educating ourselves and others. Treaty Ed needs to be incorporated in every classrooms daily routines as well as the schools. It is part of our history and turning away from it only hurts the students we are teaching.


Treaty Education

The purpose of teaching treaty education does not change or lower the advantages when there is no or few First Nation students in your class or school. We are all part of at treaty and are treaty people. We need to learn what happened and what made history. Even though Residential schools, and many of the historical facts of how we came to be are not good or nice it is still important to educate your students, staff, and even yourself. We cannot be in reconciliation and be spreading the truth of what happened if we are ignorant to the topic if Treaty Education.

“We are all treaty people” To Me, means that we are all living on this land. We are all learning and adapting to changes in the future and discovering what happened in the past. We together are trying to make sure that history doesn’t re write its self. We together are educating the future on what happened. As treaty people we need to acknowledge we are all human beings, and deserve to be treated that way.

Decolonization and Reinhabition

In the article Decolonization is expressed by going on a canoe tribe, bringing in an elder to talk to the class, and educating the class with knowledge before hand and incorporating Treaty Education into every subject. Reinhabition happens in the classroom as you adjust your classroom environment. You can bring in props that represent things, and even use your students to make crafts and help decorate the classroom and make it their own.

I am hoping to be teaching primary grades. Preferably Kindergarten so many of my students will not have the advantage of Treaty education before they come into my class. Obviously, some of them will be exposed to other cultural information and I will use that as an advantage. I want to be able to give my students the knowledge of treaty education as well as other cultural diversity at a young age.