And now, time for the finale!

This semester has flown by so fast!
I feel like just yesterday I was learning how to set up my own blog and thought this was way to much work to do weekly. and now look at me! I have fallen in LOVE with the blogging idea. I think it is a great way to communicate, share ideas, as well as hand in assignments paper free.
back to the important things! ECS 210 lecture has been the most challenging, eye opening experiences I have been involved in. I have never been told to challenge the way I have thought about white privilege- especially my own. I have never been asked directly about race or racism, and I have never really noticed the HUGE impact treaty ed has on everyone involved.
Needles to say, I have learned ALOT!
Now Before I spoil my video…
Take it upon yourself and watch my final blog post!
My Digital Reflection!