Love Letter

Dear Dad,
Thank you for raising me in the forests up north. When I was younger I know I gave you and mom a hard time about taking us away from our friends and the city for our summer holidays. Now, I thank you. Your passion for fishing, mountain biking, and knowing every animal we come across- or so you think, are very inspiring. I remember when we would go on walks in the morning’s and you would somehow look at the sky and tell us when and if it was going to be hot, cloudy, or how the weather would be that day. We always thought you were crazy. It is now clear that you knew the environment. You grew up in the forests up north. You had the knowledge of the best paths to walk, the best lakes to fish, and where to find the bears if we were going on drives. The cabin and the lake up north have grown to be my favorite place to go. I enjoy sitting on the deck in the morning watching the sun rise, listening to the birds, and watching Zoe- our dog, chase the squirrels all around. All the knowledge you have gained about the outdoors and up north you have always said is from Grandpa Bob. By the sounds of it, he was a bird loving, fish catching, great guy. I wish I had had the chance to meet him. But as you said, He is always with us watching us as we grow. Especially up at the cabin.So thank you- for your knowledge, for the things you share and the things you continue to show me.



First take on what Environment is

blog1My first thought about the environment is that it is everything outside. I fail to make the connection that the environment is practically everything in our day-to-day life. Its our homes, our gyms, our shopping malls, our lakes, and of course our forests. As an outdoorsy person the environment takes a huge part in my life. I have always grown up at the lakes up north and in the winter have always taken part in winter sports like skiing in the mountains, snowmobiling, ice fishing, basically anything that got me and my family outside. I grew up with very little access to technology. We never had cell phones, ipads, or even computers for my siblings and I to waste our day on. YES- I did use the word waste.

Now, I am going to sound like a hypocrite because I am currently sitting on a laptop with my phone beside me and my Ipad is playing music. Technology is a HUGE part in our lives. But if there was a competition between technology and the environment. Technology would win. I find kids can operate a computer better then a bicycle. This causes a huge impact on teachers. We want to be able to incorporate technology into our lessons and everyday classrooms but also keep our students engaged and learning about the environment and how to help it. This is where ESCI comes in! I am very excited to learn how to keep environmental science in our classrooms and other subjects as well. I am entering this class with an open mind and ready to learn new things. As a new teacher, I want to be able to share my love for the environment to my students in a new and exciting way.

The article I related this blog to was The Problem of Education. At the end of the article it is stated that “ It is not education, but education of a certain kind, that will save us.” This is amazing! Its true! Perspectives are huge. I want to be able to expand my students perspectives and knowledge as well as my own.