Meta Reflection #1

I enjoy using blogs as a way to express our feelings and our knowledge we gain in this course. It also is a great way to have the chance to share our own experiences we have had in our lives previous to this class. At first the instructions we were given that told us what we are suppose to blog about were very broad. I know personally that I had a hard time wrapping my head around this new way of not only learning but also the new way of how we were going to go about using the materials and information that we were retaining.

In my first blog of the semester I said, “My first thought about the environment is that it is everything outside. I fail to make the connection that the environment is practically everything in our day-to-day life.” Thinking back to what I only knew going into the first week of this class, I can honestly say that my mind was not yet open to the different ways of thinking and acknowledging the environment. The article I related the first blog post too was The Problem in Education. I really liked this article because in my philosophy that I have been working on expanding through my education degree already I speak highly of how we as teachers need to change our perspectives from just giving our students numbers, and we need to change up where they learn and how they learn.

When we did the braid assignment. I felt like the letter I was writing was not what the assignment was suppose to be about. I still was struggling with the fact that Audrey stated there there is no right or wrong way to write your letter or poem. I noticed that in both my braid and my first assignment I mentioned and spoke about the environment to me being related to mainly outdoor activities. Whether it was exploring out at my cabin up north or thanking my dad for all his Eco literate knowledge he has shared with me. I also benefited and took a new perspective on the environment after hearing other class mates love letters. Not one poem or letter that was read out loud sounded the same. This showed me that every single one of us has a different perspective on the environment.

In our second visual blog post you asked us to recognize the term Embodiment.  I wrote, ” Embodying the environment means having a relationship with the environment. Humans who have embodied the environment have a sense of what is wrong with our environment as well as the beautiful things it has to offer.” I think once i wrapped my head around the word embodiment it helped me add connections between our outdoor visits and our stillness exercises we do in class. When i read over my first blog compared to even just my second I can see how much I have changed how I have been thinking. I also mentioned in my second blog that when we are surrounded by wilderness we are able to understand and connect more rather then just reading about it.

In my third blog post I realized that even though I grew up and went through school without having Outdoor Ed, or environmental science it is very important that as a teacher i include this into my everyday teaching. In Newberry’s article it states that ” different knowledge troubles the learner”, which in return will form an emotional response. This to me is the important part of placed based education. Taking your students out of the classroom and having them learn from actual life experiences about environmental education will deeper their understanding and responses.”

In conclusion I have found a common factor in all of my blog posts. It seems that I comtinue relating the importance of taking real life experiences into consideration when teaching. How to think outside of the box of what education is suppose to be, to think past the restrictions of marking each student, and what they know and do not know. I also learn that I do not anything about the treaty land that I live on. I am learning the past experiences of what has happened and how everything has came to be. I did not relate any blog posts to the First Nations experience on our land long ago due to ignorance. I need to educate myself better so that I am able to educate my students and give them the knowledge they need in order to embody the wilderness and land we live on today.



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