CJ #5

After reading the Eco feminism reading I was able to put two things together. 1. I realized that we need to disrupt the boundaries that we are given. Even when we are told or as teachers are telling our students that they have “free choice” there is still always limits and boundaries that seem to cage us inside of a box of which we are defined. When we visited Morgan she explained that she takes her students to a near by park and gives them minimal instructions and lets them wander, explore, and do what they have to do to make connections to what they are learning. First thing that popped into my head is, YOU by YOURSELF are taking 24 students to a park and letting them go wild. Good for you- I will NOT be doing that myself. Then I thought of all the boundaries these students could have to make it easier on myself, and on them. and THEN it hit me. Of course, we are naturally trained to obey rules and wait for instructions. So, Morgan admitted that at first she had boundaries and instructions for all the activities her students were to preform and accomplish. Then she realized what her students were capable of. She started with an inquiry question and then let them explore. She let her students decide how they were going to comprehend the information given and what they were going to do with it. 2. The second thing I connected too after Audrey broke down the article for us- because let’s face it, we all were some what confused when reading it by ourselves, is the difference between language and discourse. Language being the literacy, the words we use, how we write, and how we read. and discourse being our lifestyles, bodies, and how we embody everything.
So my visual is words. a BUNCH of words that came to my head when i thought of identities that described me as a person and some of the boundaries I face in everyday life. Whether they are good boundaries, or frustrating ones.


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