Meta reflection #2

The FINAL reflection and blog post!
Here is mine, sorry for the pause I took when I was thinking of a few words to get my point across. I also mumbled on for over 6 minutes and did not even realize that I had that much to reflect on from this semester!
With that being said,
Thank you for the awesome semester! Enjoy your summer and I will see you all next year!


Blog post 6

When I read Critical Pedagogy of Place and My Decolonizing Encounters by myself I found my mind wandering off. I wasn’t connecting to what was being talked about, and I was only picking out the words that I already knew.
On pg14 learning and unlearning was brought up. I connected this to many things. The blanket exercise- Many of us have learned about colonization before, about the first nations but we relearned the knowledge in the Blanket Exercise.
As people we are constantly learning. And I believe that is what makes us scared to let go of boundaries. We use boundaries to feel safe, to distinguish what we know and what we do not know. And this whole semester our way of thinking and learning has been disrupted. We know how to learn, and write papers, study, and reflect. But what we do not now know how to do is be still, be graded on the concept rather then the work. We do not know how to wrap our heads around thinking in different ways, or even teaching in a student based instruction concept.
This article to me helped me understand that we are always learning, and the only way to learn is to experience and experiment with different ways of teaching and learning.